Fits To a Tee is the next generation variable height golf swing training aid. The training aid is used in natural terrain (Sand, Clay, Grass and Snow) to  help you develop a consistent and powerful swing that maximizes consistency in your long ball training.  

Build Consistency.   Maintain a consistent training ball tee level which is crucial to building a consistent & powerful swing. Eliminate the possibility of incorrect ball height during your driving training sessions. The Fits To A Tee will help you develop great ball contact while improving proper swing mechanics and muscle memory.

Convenience. The Fits To A Tee training aid allows you to take your swing everywhere. Now you can practice in your backyard, park, beach or school courtyard. All you need is a club and your Fits To A Tee.  

Durable & Resilient. The Fits To A Tee training aid is a high quality design of high impact plastic made in the USA. 

Saves Time & Money.  Eliminates the waste of breaking tees while practicing.

Increased Safety.  Safely build a powerful swing with the Fits to a Tee Swing Training Aid for home and driving range use.  A must for instructors. Never again have concern with clearing the swing path with a student. Now the student can set the ball every time at the perfect height.

What's included with the Fits to a Tee - Golf Swing Training Aid. Carrying Bag with a Heavy Duty Clip, Fits To A Tee unit (Top, Spike and Impact ring), 4 mat tees , 3 plastic practice golf balls and a Prybar (insertion/extraction tool).  

The Carrying Bag has additional storage room for up to two dozen balls, your keys and your glove and clips to your golf bag.

Fits To a Tee is your long game swing trainer allowing any golfer of any age to practice and develop a consistent swing mechanics that builds power and distance allowing you to approach the putting green in as few strokes as possible. 


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