Chip & Putt ZONE


Get in the Chip & Putt ZONE

The Chip & Putt product line is an indoor/outdoor chipping and putting training aid that is fast and easy to set up, multi-functional, durable, affordable and self storing.   

The Chip & Putt system is fast and easy to set up, is multi-functional for indoor and outdoor use for practicing your putting and chipping. It is the most durable short game practice product on the market designed and constructed from the highest quality materials, an exceptionally affordable value and totally convenient self contained for store, go and play.

Practice at home to lower your scores on the golf course

As with any sport, if you don't practice, you won't get better. With just 10 minutes of chipping and 10 minutes of putting practice per day will help the golf enthusiast to develop the tempo and attack angle of the all important golf stroke feel.  Developing this stoke feel requires practice. This muscle memory repetitive stroke aligns the eye and hand coordination that makes the swing yours, thus developing assured confidence. The Chip & Putt system assuredly improves the golf enthusiast  play and enjoyment of the actual game.

What's included in the Chip & Putt ZONE

  •  Folding Base with energy absorbing impact pad
  • Adjustable Legs with 3 different angles / levels
  •  Impact plate with energy absorbing pad and glue
  • Three (3) indoor chipping practice balls
  • Velcro to attach the Chip & Putt ZONE base to your container

The Chip & Putt Systems

The Chip and Putt product line can be set up in seconds not minutes like traditional chipping nets. Just unfold the base unit folding and attach the target and flag assembly. It's truly that simple. You can literally be practicing your short game in less than thirty seconds. 

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