I Get It was founded with a passion for performance and a mission to offer better, more durable golf training products at amazing prices, while supporting youth educational programs that instill life-enhancing values and healthy lifestyle choices through the game of golf.  

I Get It's Buy One Give One Program works with strategic partners to achieve our mission to promote social good.  It is the heart of what we do and with your help, we can improve the lives of children, families and communities around the world.


Every idea starts with a problem.  Ours was simple: training aids are not durable and expensive.

Golf is difficult to master and expensive if you are constantly buying multiple training aids to replace broken ones within a month or two or every season.   From our experience many of the chipping nets, would not last for even one season.

We’d buy training aids to practice our short game, swing trainers, putting mats ,driving nets, training clubs, you name it we've tried them.   The one unifying problem was after a month or two, would be that they would break and became a major bummer to practice with as they provided no value or any improvement in your game or skills.  And to top it off, we couldn't practice indoors and had to wait till spring while our skills had to re-trained all over again.  This becomes an expensive proposition when you have kids, dogs, home and wife and a pile broken training aides, continually looking for something more durable, better or something that just works.

Why couldn’t a training device hold up one season or more?  And why couldn’t I practice indoors?  Can we manufacture this in the USA - build our economy and keeps jobs at home?  Why are golf training products so expensive and spending thousands of dollars and broken devices, we knew there had to be a better way.

What if there was a BETTER short game training device that was more durable, versatile, had adjustable levels and even had a target. A device that you could practice both chipping and putting indoors and out.   A device where a Pro golf instructor could teach the “Tao of the Short Game” with ease.  Sell one to their student so they could practice at home.   And it would last more than one season and perhaps a lifetime.  Ok I admit, it may not be good for our bottom line, but it would be great for our customers, who receives a high quality golf training aid with tremendous value, endures years of practice and keeps more money in your pocket.

We started I GET IT to create an alternative golf training products and designed the Chip & Putt PRO.  A better, more durable golf training product that develops your short game practicing 10 minutes/day.  No other golf training product provides such a great value, versatility, and high quality durability which will become the new standard for golf training equipment industry.   And we are product to source and manufacture the golf training products in the USA!

I GET IT Products are sourced and manufactured in the USA

We did not reinvent the entire wheel and used the most durable, tried and true widget of our time. The highly durable plastic bucket from Letica.  A 6 gallon bucket that holds all the components, ton of balls, gloves and other gear, which setup and stows away quickly. We designed a folding base with adjustable legs for practicing pitch and lob shots and a putting hole to help you practice your entire short game at home, in your living room or backyard, office or park.  The front panel has artwork on cast vinyl (used for car signage and car wraps) and a 12 mil laminate used in motocross vehicles pressed onto an energy absorbing, closed cell rubber polymer and a thicker rubber pad and strike plate that sits at the bottom of the container to stop the balls from bouncing out.  We designed a durable plastic target and flag provides instant feedback on target shots and make you feel like your chipping and putting towards the pin.

For those of you who thinks "it's just a bucket!"  It truly is a bucket and as stated before, why reinvent the wheel.   If you want to buy the most durable short game training aid on market, save money, and want to build your own... buy the Chip & Putt ZONE, our DIY Short Game Training Aid Kit that you could use any 5 or 6 gallon bucket and comes with our branded folding base, 3 indoor practice balls and the strike plate and pad.  Our DIY'ers will still benefit from practicing just 10 minutes a day, building and maintaining essential short game skills, biomechanics and builds confidence on the golf course.

By circumventing traditional channels and engaging customers directly, we're able to provide higher quality, better more durable products at amazing prices.

We believe training should be fun, easy and convenient.  It should make you want to practice daily and help you develop eye hand coordination and motor skills that improve your short game and builds confidence on the golf course. Most importantly it should be easy and convenient and practice from the comfort of your home.

Chip & Putt PRO is the new standard for short game training at home and the best PRO instruction tool on the market




 Bo Kim

 I believe Life is Short, Live it to the Fullest and Give back if and when you can.

I am a father and now a grand father to my adorable grandson.  I love spending time with my family and close friends, enjoy cooking, art & philosophy, martial arts, running and get out on my SUP whenever I can.

I love golf and how challenging it is and how it connects people and builds relationships.  I'm also constantly working on my game and love my Chip & Putt. And I'm on a mission to help others to improve their game and promote a healthy lifestyle through the game of golf.

My uber nerdy side is totally geeked out on Smart technology, especially IoT, AI & Machine Learning and how it's changing the game of golf and off course participation. 

Stay tuned as we develop our very own Smart Golf Training Products and evolve the game to another level.


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