I Get It is an independent USA company that designs, manufactures, and distributes high quality & smart consumer goods which include household and sports.

I Get It was founded with a passion for performance and a mission to offer better, more durable golf training aids at amazing prices, while supporting youth, military, diabetes, cancer and other populations through the game of golf. 

We work with strategic partners to achieve our mission to do good in the world.  It is at the heart of what we do and with your help, we can improve the lives of children, families and communities around the world.

We love smart devices and our product road map will revolutionize the way we train and improve our game, while promoting golf through off course participation, social competition and Big Data. 


On March 2nd, we brought two new golf products market, the Chip & Putt and Fits To a Tee to help you improve your overall golf game.

The Chip & Putt is our patented short game training aid, allowing you to practice your short game indoors and out.   Practice 10 minutes a day to safely and quickly improve your chipping & putting skills and lower scores on the golf course.

Professional golf instructors can use the device to instruct their students with ease and help students to quickly learn and improve their short game skills for any new, young or seasoned golfer.  Used by Pro instructors at Golftec and tested by PGA Pros in Orlando and avid golfers, who love how quickly the Chip & Putt improves their short game and lowers their scores.

Chip & Putt BENEFITS

  1. Quick setup gives you more time for instruction
  2. Students quickly improve their eye hand coordination and motor skills
  3. Teach distance control with multiple units situated at varying distances
  4. Student can practice a variety of shots including pitch, lob and chip shots with the it's retractable legs for three different height settings
  5.  Self Contained. When your done training, store all your balls, gloves and other gear and your product components all in one place
  6. Durable golf training product.  The Chip & Putt was designed with durability in mind, which saves you money from it's durable high impact plastic components
  7. Made in the USA. Proud to source and manufacture here in America
  8. The product road map includes the development of a Smart Chip & Putt PRO that will provide real-time feedback, insights, track your performance and stats and compete with your family and friends.  Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on product updates, news and special offers.

Fits To a Tee is our patented, next generation adjustable tee and long game, swing trainer to help you develop a consistent and powerful swing to maximize your distance and allowing you to approach the putting green in as few strokes as possible.   The long game swing trainer allows golfers to practice your driving skills in your back yard which saves time and money. 




Jonathan Montgomery

Mike Duenas