Chipping Station (The Future of Training Aids)

We envision a future where smarter products helps us achieve better results, while engaging in physical activity, practice time and essential skills building exercises that improve your game and lower your scores.   We also believe that the next generation of smart training devices will allow you to engage with your family, friends and golf buddies in non-traditional ways yet provide immense value, entertainment and increased physical activity and social engagement.

The Chipping Station is the Smart, Multi-player Chipping and Lobbing Trainer allowing more than one person to practice your chipping, pitching and lobbing techniques.    We are the leaders in helping people build short game skills with the Chip & Putt - the new standard for short game training at home.

The Chipping Station is the evolution of  the Chip & Putt.  It's larger, multi-player capability allows for more engaging fun with more people, and with SMART DECK Technology infused the Internet of Things, sensors, bluetooth connectivity to your mobile smart phone, speakers, rechargeable batteries and machine learning.      Imagine as your taking your shots and you hit the target or make it into the container, you hear "Great shot!" or "Cheering"  all the while the data is collected, analyzed and given back to as insights to help you improve your game with Big Data.

This instant feedback helps you know your on target and the information also gets synced to your smart phone and app tracking your shot performance and providing you with insights on how well your doing and improving.


We are working with "PROTOTYPE DUDES COMPANY NAME" to prototype the SMART DECK for the Chip & Putt.    We are extremely excited about the evolution of the our short game training products and providing a smarter option that will promote the game of golf on & off the course, providing an immersive user experience with games, challenges and competitions.  

Compete with your family, friends, golf buddies and colleagues from the comfort of your home and enter Sponsored Challenges to win great prizes, while your working on your short game skills.