Chip & Putt PRO

The Chip & Putt PRO is the new standard for practicing your short game training at home and PRO Instruction

The Chip & Putt PRO allow Pro instructors to teach new, young or seasoned golfers short game skills with greater ease, helping student quickly builds eye-hand coordination, swing mechanics, distance control and overall growth in your game.  

Practice 10 minutes a day to build your essential chipping and putting skills indoors in your family room, office or outdoors in your backyard, park or any grassy area. 

Quickly setup or packup in 30 seconds or less and extremely durable and high quality construction for years of practice, leaving more money in your wallets.    A better short game will lower your scores. What are you waiting for, buy one for yourself, mother or father golfer or loved one who can't get enough golf and wants to improve their game.

VERSATILE. Practice chipping and putting indoors and chipping outdoors with common golf balls.  Practice in your living room, office, park or backyard.

DURABLE.  The self-contained unit is highly durable golf training product that will provide years of practice helping you maintain your short game skills, without having to replace it after a few weeks or within one season of use

EASE & CONVENIENCE. Setup or Pack up in 30 seconds or less and start practicing in your living room, office, back yard, school yard, college court yard, beach, park, or work area. This Go-Play-Store product is highly durable, versatile, and transportable.

MORE GOLF. The Chip & Putt consists of a six-gallon plastic bucket, bucket lid, angle adjustable base, reversible green flag, floating target and our special energy absorbing rubber pad. 

SELF CONTAINED. Everything you need to develop short game indoors or out, is self-contained in this training device.

All you need is a putter, a wedge and some time for fun!

U.S Patent: 9931557B1

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Made in the USA

Improves concentration, feel and stroke rhythm

Versatile – Indoor/Outdoor chipping and putting play

Self-contained – Store your extra balls, glove, shoes and product components inside the unit

Transportable – Go-Play-Store convenience

Durable – Made from high impact plastic Adjustable - 3 different angles/levels

Customizable – The face panel and the reverse side of the flag is framed and ready for your graphics Easy 30 Second complete setup and breakdown time

More Golf  – Make any carpet or grass area a practice area (Family Room, Backyard, Office, Dorm, or Park).

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