• Chip & Putt PRO

    Practice 10 minutes/day to safely develop eye hand coordination and motor skills that help you learn & improve your short game

  • Chip & Putt Indoors

    Conveniently practice your short game in your
    family room, office or any carpeted area

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Testimonials & Reviews

  • After two weeks of practicing with the Chip & Putt, I am dropping my chip shots within three feet of the pin consistently and my putting rhythm has improved greatly. Great product!!  I highly recommend the Chip & Putt!

    Anthony Codispoti, VP Wealth Management UBS BANK - Red Bank, New Jersey

  • So much fun.  I Love it!!!  Made me fall in love with golf all over again!

    Janis S, 80 year old golfer - New Jersey

  • This device will not let you get away with a bad chip shot, the feedback for myself and my students is instant. It has taken the indoor short game practice to a new level.  This product has helped my students better understand how to control the trajectory of their chip shots.

    Nick Monticello- PGA Member- Certified instructor at GOLFTEC East Brunswick, New Jersey

  • I use this product every day. My chipping and putting has improved dramatically since practicing with this one product at home and my scores have already dropped.

    Preston W - Florida

  • Love it. Just like they advertise, I wanted more golf and now I can get more golf. Truly convenient being able to practice my short game indoors and at any time.   Once I start, it is hard to put the darn thing down. Being able to practice anywhere and at any time makes all the difference in the world.  

    Eugene S - New Jersey

  • I love this device and the store and go feature makes it very convenient to practice my short game. I wish I had this product twenty years ago. Started using it for two months and have developed such a great feel that I am consistency landing the ball within two feet of the pin.

    Dr. Mark Vedder, Manalapan, NJ

  • Golf Practice is Easy & Convenient with the Chip & Putt

    Practice Golf at home and master your chipping and putting skills indoors

  • Golf Practice Indoors and Out

    Safely build eye hand coordination and motor skills to improve your short game

  • Chip & Putt like a PRO GOLFER

    Practice golf just 10 minutes a day and safely build your short game at home